“… completed the project way ahead of schedule and was very understanding and easy to work with even when I kept adding more work for her to complete. I would definitely recommend Diedra to anyone who wants a project done well, on time and at a great price.”  – Michael Went



Ghost writing

Sure, you like to handle things yourself. But a point comes when you don’t have the time to write quality content, or you know that your strengths are put to better use elsewhere in your business. I’ll write the words you wanted to say yourself. It’s not telepathy. But with research and a penchant for quality I can get your message across to your audience.

Blog writing

Consistently posting blog content keeps your target audience engaged. My blog articles have helped my clients achieve 1st page Google search rankings in their niches. A compelling story with a meaningful headline is proven to generate more online sales. In other words, quality matters.


Have you been avoiding creating an eBook for your brand because it seems like a lot of work? Free information relevant to your niche builds brand exposure and can be used to get more visitors signing up for your mailing list. The result is more leads for your business. Providing eBooks to your audience also helps you establish yourself or your brand as a source of inside expertise.

Email marketing content

Ready to convert those leads? Get outstanding content for your email auto-responder and newsletters.